Build Your Own S'mores

Roasting Stations!

You remember making s'mores as a kid -- memories of outdoor nights and friends come flooding back.  

Building your own s'more is more than just a fun's also a great experience enjoyed by family, friends, or colleagues.  

Guests will love roasting their own uniquely created s'mores -- choosing from a variety of premium chocolates and gourmet "mallows".

Available for weddings, corporate events, or friendly gatherings, our Build Your Own S'mores stations are sure to help you relive past memories and even make new ones!

They're here...Gourmet

S'mores unlike any

other you've ever


I scream,

you scream,

we all scream for Ice Cream!

They're Gourmet and they're spectacular

Unlike any other, you'll make your s'more with premium North Mallow™ gourmet marshmallows, decadent Ghiradelli chocolate, and a variety of graham crackers or Oreo wafers -- a

gooey, mouthwatering taste

that you create!

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